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Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) began operations on 1 April 2004. VRCA manages the commercial navigation of the channels in Geelong and Hastings port waters and oversee the channel management for the Port of Portland. The Authority was established by the Victorian Government under the Port Management Act 1995 and the Transport Integration Act 2010.

VRCA's key responsibilities include:

  • Management of shipping control
  • Provision of navigation aids
  • Channel management
  • Marine environment protection
  • Safety and security
  • Rotate 2
  • Rotate 3

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Seabed Levelling

Victorian Regional Channels Authority is planning to minor bed levelling works are required at Crib Point No 2 berth to facilitate the berthing of larger ships visiting the port.

As manager of the waterway, VRCA is responsible for the provision of safe access and adequate water depth for vessels approaching and moored at the berth. The existing water depth at the berth varies from north to south. At the northern end the maintained depth is 14.2mCD. At the southern end, the existing sea bed typically ranges in depth from 13 – 14mCD, with several small isolated areas rising above this level, resulting in a quoted maintained depth of 12.7mCD.

Bed levelling is proposed, to increase the maintained depth in this area from 12.7mCD to 13.0mCD. The total volume of material to be relocated for this purpose is estimated at 95 cubic metres.

VRCA consent under the Marine and Coastal Management Act 2018 and accompanying environmental management plan, community consultation plan and risk assessment area are available through the links below.

pdfMarine and Coastal Management Act Consent

pdfEnvironmental Management Plan

pdfCommunity Consultation Plan

pdfRisk Assessment

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