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2018 Port Operating Handbook

The Port Waters of Geelong Operating Handbook provides advice and instructions for ships masters, agents and owners responsible for entering the port waters of Geelong.

The handbook includes:

  • Regulations and codes governing vessel operations
  • Information about anchorages, channels and berths,
    port services and tides
  • Contacts for the port of Geelong
  • Harbour Master's Directions
  • Safety and environmental requirements
  • Emergency management procedures
2018 port operating handbook

Port Waters of Geelong - Operating Handbook

Click Here to view the Port Operating Handbook - (Updated 1/10/18)

Geelong Port Harbour Masters Directions

Click here to view the Geelong Harbour Masters Direction
Please Note: Must be read in conjuction with the Port of Geelong - Operating Handbook


Port Water of Hastings - Operating Handbook

pdf2017 Port of Hastings Operating Handbook

Port of Hastings Harbour Masters Directions

pdfClick Here to view the Hastings Harbour Masters Directions - 1/7/2017
Please Note: Must be read in conjunction with the Port of Hastings - Port Operating Handbook


Update Notices

Click Here to go to the Notices to Mariners

Marine Notices are issued by AMSA and contain matters of National relevance.

Click Here to view the Federal Marine Notices

The current Port Operating Handbook is available from the Victorian Regional Channels Authority or alternatively it can be downloaded from the VRCA website.