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Aquatic Events Advice - Geelong Port Waters

The VRCA requires notification advice of aquatic events which take place within or enter the port waters of Geelong including the shipping channels

An Aquatic Events Advice is required pursuant to the Harbour Master's Directions made pursuant to sections 86 and 87 of the Port Management Act 1995.

Aquatic Events which occur outside Port waters may require a permit from Parks Victoria. Parks Victoria can be contacted on telephone number 131 963.

Event organizers must ensure that event participants are informed to keep clear of commercial shipping at all times. The responsibility is not negated where there is no advice forwarded from the VRCA. This is a continuing responsibility of both Event organizers and participants.

An Aquatic Events Advice must be lodged not less than 5 working days prior to the scheduled event date(s).


To submit an Aquatic Events Advice.

  1. Download the Aquatic Events Advice form by clicking on the next link Aquatic Events Advice
  2. Fill in the sections of the Advice on page 2, including in the section titled "Other Relevant Information" the general area in which the event is to take place.
  3. Ensure that the Emergency contact details are completed.
  4. Return the Advice to the VRCA Harbour Master via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or facsimile 03 5225 3599
  5. The Aquatic Events Advice form will be reviewed at the VRCA

If the proposed Aquatic Event is approved, the Harbour Master will:

    i. add the appropriate comments in the "VRCA comments Section"
    ii. allocate a number to the advice
    iii. return the advice and a separate PDF copy of page 3 to the applicant via email or facsimile 03 5225 3599
    iv. distribute the advice to Geelong Port Marine Control, the Port Phillip Sea Pilots and where relevant to the Melbourne Harbour Control and Point Lonsdale

The VRCA can issue an Aquatic Events Advice which covers regular events for the whole of the season, for example a single Advice can be issued for "Saturday racing" when the events take place in the same general area, at approximately the same time.

If the proposed Aquatic Event is not approved, you will be provided with reasons for this rejection. Non-approval of an Event must be treated as a Direction by the Harbour Master that the event is not to take place on the basis given in the Aquatic Events Advice form.

Please contact the Harbour Master for assistance with this Advice.

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