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Environment Protection

As part of the wider community of Victorian port operators and service providers, the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) contributes to the ongoing protection and management of our marine environment.

The VRCA provides leadership in sensible and sustainable management of the regional channels and port waters through its support of pollution control, emergency response management and other environmental management initiatives.


Safety and Environment Management Plans (SEMP)

As part of the Port Management Act 1995, all Victorian port managers are responsible for preparing and certifying a SEMP. These plans help port managers, tenants, licensees and services providers to identify and manage potential hazards and risks that may affect a port and its surrounding areas.

Find more information about SEMP in the Port Services Port Management Act .

For information about a specific port's plan, contact the relevant port or port manager. Links to all Victorian ports web sites are on our Useful Links page.

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