Channels House - Level 2, 235 Ryrie St Geelong, Vic 3220
Phone: +61 3 5225 3500

Role of VRCA

The Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) began operations on 1 April 2004. The VRCA was established to manage the commercial navigation of the channels in Geelong port waters and to oversee the Channel Management for the Port of Portland and Hastings.

The Authority was established by the Victorian Government under the Port Management Act 1995. Governing Legislation now includes the Transport Integration Act 2010.

In managing the Geelong channels, the VRCA's key responsibilities include:

  • Management of shipping control
  • Provision of navigation aids
  • Channel management
  • Marine environment protection
  • Safety and security
vrca geelong map

In providing these services, the VRCA, its board and management team strives to establish and maintain strong links with port management and shipping industries, other port users, local and state governments and the public.

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